Daily Bread

One of the aspects of this year at the Church has been the opportunity to preach a bit more regularly than usual and with that privilege comes some greater appreciation for things that we get told but often ignore.

The importance of seeking God DAILY, reading His word and praying to Him.

When you are giving out like you do when you are preaching it is crucial to spend more and more time with God. Without that time with him it is easy to see how preachers ‘burn-out’ or leave the ministry. Preaching is great but to try and do that week in week out without a daily time with God is insanity.

Take away the preaching and it is still insanity to try and live without hearing from God daily. Life can get hard, life can get tiresome but it is more so without the voice of God. If you are tired, burning out or losing perspective, then make the effort, get up earlier or stay up later and get with God.

Hearing from God daily is a must. The enemy will try to downplay it’s importance but don’t be sidetracked, it’s called daily bread for a reason!


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