This year I have been spending the majority of my time during the week, (and on weekends) at Extreme Life, doing an ‘internship’ of sorts where I spend the week with Paul; seeing what he sees and doing what he does.

My goal at the beginning was to learn as much as possible about ‘Church life’ all the time, not just on a Sunday,and what the life of a Pastor looks like… it is fair to say that I have been learning lots.
Anyone who thinks that a Pastor sits drinking coffee all week and just works for a few hours on a Sunday is quite mistaken. A Pastor, a lot like a parent, is always at work. There are no 40 hour weeks or normal hours, instead there are just things that need doing and you use whatever time available to do them.

I went into this year thinking that being a Pastor would be the best job ever and now 3 and a bit months later, I still think that; although I am currently far more aware of some of the challenges and difficulties facing anyone brave (or stupid) enough to undertake the role.
I believe it is true that it’s impossible to understand what it’s like to lead a Church until you have done it. You can be told, but you never really KNOW until you experience it for yourself… From what I have seen it looks to be a daunting task, regardless of what state your Church may be in. There will always be battles to fight but alongside the battles are the things worth celebrating!

This has stood out far beyond whatever difficulties I have seen. Yes there are challenges and tough times but God always brings us through those times. There are always things worth celebrating.

  • The Salvations
  • The lives being transformed
  • The people who ARE turning up early to help serve
  • The new people who come
  • The fact that the regular people come back!

There is a price to ministry that I am sure I will never fully understand and I am incredibly grateful to all those men and women who have gone through such difficulties but along with the price it has been impossible to ignore the PRIVILEGE!

There is a privilege to ministry that I hope to never forget, lest the price be too high. The privilege of leading God’s people is truly incredible…

God is good and he works all things for the good of those who love him… There are always things to celebrate!!


This post has been a lot of rambling and I hope some of my thoughts come through coherently…

Suffice to say that in the few months I have spent at Extreme Life this year I have seen some of the PRICE of ministry, enough to make me very thankful for the Pastors I have… Let’s walk through the pain of ministry with our Pastor’s by encouraging them and helping to lift their hands up…
I have also seen some of the PRIVILEGE which is exciting! God is alive and active today, and he uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

I have an increased appreciation for a few things that I’ll share with you to end this post…

  • For God
  • For Pastors
  • For the people in the congregation
  • For those that aren’t currently in the congregation

We have so much to appreciate and be thankful for!!



Jesus is awesome!




Eleven people have accepted Jesus as their Lord & Saviour in the last few weeks at Extreme Life! How incredible is that? If you think that is good, I have some better news for you!!

It is only the beginning! The best is yet to come!

I can’t wait to see all that God is going to do in and through the people of Extreme Life. It is so exciting seeing him at work in peoples lives, bringing them closer to himself.

Specifically in the younger generation; the guys and girls in ‘4twelve’ and ‘JaM’ are really starting to get to know more and more of who Jesus is and what their relationship with him means for their lives.

Jesus is alive and well in Warrnambool.

It is such a privilege to know him and make him known in this town and throughout the world. ‘My God is not dead!’


As I said at the beginning, Jesus is awesome!

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